Biodata Personil SHINee :

Stage Name: 온유 / 温流
Real Name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
Nickname: Onew
Date Of Birth: December 14th, 1989
Height/Weight: 178cm/61kg
Bloodtype: O
Education: Chungwoon University, major: broadcasting music
Hobby/Interest: Music, Piano, Mandarin
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist 

Stage Name: 종현 / 钟铉
Real Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종형)
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun
Date Of Birth: April 8th, 1990
Height/Weight: 174cm/56kg
Bloodtype: AB
Education: Seoul Music Institute '09, SM Entertainment Academy
Hobby/Interest: Watching movies, Popping (dance), Lyrics, Piano, Mandarin
Position: Main Vocalist 

Stage Name: 키
Real Name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Nickname: The Almighty Key
Date Of Birth:  September 23rd, 1991
Height/Weight: 180cm/59kg
Bloodtype: B
Education: Daegu Youngshin High School '10
Hobby/Interest: Rap, Dance, Water Skiing, English, Mandarin
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper

Stage Name: 민호 / 珉豪
Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호)
Nickname: Charismatic Flame Minho
Date Of Birth: December 9th, 1991
Height/Weight: 184cm/60kg
Blood type: B
Education: Konkuk University, major: film
Hobby/Interest: Soccer, Basketball, Performing, English
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Main Rapper 

Stage Name: 태민 / 泰民
Real Name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
Nickname: Handy Boy Taemin
Date Of Birth: July 18th, 1993
Height/Weight: 179cm/53kg
Bloodtype: B
Education: Chungdam High School
Hobby/Interest: Listening to Music, Popping (dance), Piano, Mandarin
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

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